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Visual Aids

2 f) Link Boxes


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When travelling down the page from one stave to the next it's not at all easy to see whether the fingers should travel up to the right or down to the left - particularly if you've any dyslexic characteristics, however slight - as is the case with myself.

This is where the LINK BOXES come in very handy as they make it so much easier to see whether the fingers should travel UP to the right or DOWN to the left.

  Notice how the diamond symbol at the end of one stave connects you with this LINK BOX which is printed in front of the next stave of the piece.

Also notice how the last note of one stave is reprinted in the Link Box on the next stave so that you can see how the second finger of the right hand moves up to the right and the left hand moves down to the left.

This is also very easy to see if you look at the KEYBOARD-SCALE DIAGRAM.

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