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2 c) Keyboard-Scale Diagram


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As I'm a great believer in thinking of black keys as "friends" I've used the scale of "A" major for the beginners' books, rather than the usual "C" major.

This is because black keys help you to play without looking at your hands unnecessarily so that you can keep your eyes UP on the music.

Here we have what I call the "KEYBOARD-SCALE DIAGRAM" with dots on the keys representing the scale of "A" major with its' KEY SIGNATURE of three sharps.

Now notice how the notes are written directly below the relevant piano keys and are printed either as open notes if they represent white piano keys or filled-in notes if they represent black piano keys.

So this scale of "A" major is written in my "FILLED IN NOTATION" giving us a black "C sharp", "F sharp" and "G sharp".

For instance, here we have the five finger position in the scale of "A" major on which all pieces of Group 1 Book I are based.

So that once you've absorbed the scale on which the piece is based, you're then in a much better position to tackle the music of other pieces in the same group.

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