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Book II relates to Scales and is particularly useful for exam work as it shows scales as MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPES.

This very visual approach avoids mistakes and anxiety - and a lack of anxiety, in turn, leads to dexterity and fluency - particularly where co-ordination is concerned.

So let's compare the "mountain landscape" of "A" major with that of "A flat" major.

At fig 1) the scale of "A" major gives us a "mountain peak" followed by
a valley and then another mountain -
but this time it's a "flat topped" mountain because it contains two black keys.

At fig 2) the scale of "A flat" gives us a very different landscape.

I'm now going to compare the NOTES of those two scales of "A" major and "A flat" major as written in "FILLED IN NOTATION" -
in which the notes representing black keys have been 'filled-in'.

              Notice how the notes are written exactly
              under the relevant piano keys.


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